Russ Harvey Consulting - Computer and Internet Services

RHC Computer Services

Russ Harvey provides computer and Internet-related services to businesses, organizations and individuals at reasonable rates.

Professional help in choosing the right hardware and software.

Computer Services

My computer services include “help desk” assistance, troubleshooting, installations and optimizing your computer and software purchases. Some services are available onsite; most available by phone or email.

Custom web design and maintenance services

Web Design Services

Let me show you how I can provide you, your business or your organization with an effective on-line presence. I build customized websites linking to blogs, social media and other outreach tools.

In addition, Russ is a professional writer that maintains a network of artists, photographers as well as other creative and technical professionals.

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Updated: April 19, 2015

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Reasonable Rates

Services are provided at reasonable hourly rates or by contract.

  • Most services are available anywhere by telephone or email.
  • Onsite services are provided only in Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Business hours.

To learn more, contact Russ.