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Design Services

Russ Harvey designs custom websites and blogs to provide you, your business or your organization with an effective on-line presence.

These are just some of the web services offered:

  • Custom website design & maintenance.
  • Blog setup (whether an independent blog or one to compliment your website).
  • Connections to social media.
  • Site content & writing services.
  • Search engine registration/optimization (SEO).
  • Scanning & custom graphics.
  • Domain name searches & registration.
  • Hosting services setup & maintenance.

In addition, a network of artists, photographers and other creative professionals can assist you with marketing your ideas and products.

Design is a Creative Process

Designing a site is a creative process that evolves into the finished product.

Together, we need to develop the overall plan for your website so that it best represents you, your business or organization and achieves your goals for the site.

There are several aspects to this:

  • A distinctive look to the site that will set you apart yet retain your identity.
  • A compatible look and feel to your other promotional material including business cards and letterhead. We may decide that these materials need updating during the design assessment process.
  • A plan that includes goals, approval authority, testing and launch strategy as well as how to incorporate site maintenance and future updates.
  • A review your future plans so that the site design can accommodate planned or anticipated changes.

Getting Started

Communication is key to working well together. Remember, the goal is to develop a site that works best for you using the technology that is most effective.

Russ clears the confusion and responds quickly when the required information is given to him. His suggestions and implementation of the e-commerce portion of the CAA National website was outstanding.
Deborah Ranchuk, White Mountain Publications & past CAA Treasurer

Let's look at the process so we can begin working together to produce the site that expresses your goals using the appropriate technology that delivers those results and stays within your budget.

The suggestions in this section show how you can convey your ideas in a manner we can both relate to. It is important that we both understand this is a dialogue and that each of us brings expertise to the conversation:

  • You know yourself, your company or organization better than I do, but I may have suggestions that open up new possibilities.
  • I know the technology of web design and understand more about the requirements, but you may have ideas you've seen elsewhere that we can explore.

Learning More

The following pages will help you to understand the process of developing a website that can satisfy both your requirements and the demands of the technology available to the people that will be viewing your site:

These links appear on each page so you can more easily navigate the pages in this section.

User-maintained Sites

There is a special page devoted to the discussion of user-maintained sites. This isn't part of the main discussion but provides insight to the benefits and limitations of CMS-based sites when dealing with site maintenance.

My Design Portfolio

My Portfolio showcases several of my projects. I've built over a hundred sites and blogs over the years, only a few of which are listed. Newer and recently-revised sites are now mobile-friendly. All my sites are:

  • Hand-coded to load quickly.
  • Standards-compliant to work with all browsers and devices.
  • Built to be accessible to all users.
  • Designed for easy site navigation.
  • Easy to maintain.

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Up Next

Now that we've looked at the overview of the process, read about my design philosophy (why I design as I do) so that we can be sure you're comfortable with my approach to designing a site.

Questions? Contact Russ about developing a custom solution that works for you, your business or organization.

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Updated: August 31, 2015

Custom web design and maintenance services

Increase Visibility

Increase your company's visibility and make information about the goods or services you provide more accessible.

First Impressions Critical

The first few seconds on your website may determine many people's entire impression about you, your company or organization.

Ensure that your site and other promotional material agree on why you're the best option.

Mobile Doing the Walking

The Yellow Pages are shrinking.

People on the go use search engines to quickly find what they're looking for and more frequently are viewing the results on mobile devices.

Getting Social

Social media is about community.

People want to belong; to talk to others they trust.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media can be a great place for discussion, but there are unspoken rules you need to be aware of to be effective.


Blogs provide an opportunity to present your expertise in a less-formal atmosphere.

You can use your blog to post articles to draw people in and make them aware of your expertise.

But, like social media, you need to be consistent.

Less is More

What is that the impression you want your site visitors to have?

Less is more — the use of white space around content — is a classic design concept.

Don't make site visitors work to learn about you.

Choose your content carefully and lay it out so it is inviting to read.

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These other pages discuss the various aspects of designing a site:

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