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Design Services

Russ Harvey custom designs websites and blogs to provide you, your business or your organization with an effective on-line presence.

Russ clears the confusion and responds quickly when the required information is given to him. His suggestions and implementation of the e-commerce portion of the CAA National website was outstanding.
Deborah Ranchuk, White Mountain Publications & past CAA Treasurer

These are just some of the web services offered:

  • Custom website design & maintenance.
  • Co-branded blog setup.
  • Links to your social media sites.
  • Site content & writing services.
  • Search engine registration/optimization (SEO).
  • Scanning & custom graphics.
  • Domain name searches & registration.
  • Recommended hosting services.

In addition, I maintain a network of artists, photographers and other creative professionals that can assist you with marketing your ideas and products.

Understanding the Process

To fully understand what web design is, you have to go back through the history of the web.

I was involved in the early stages of web design when it was much simpler (and expectations weren't as high) but the technology struggled between the traditional separation of applications and the need for the web to be an open platform.

We Need to Design for People

To understand a bit of that history and its challenges, have a look at the Vimeo video, Jeffrey Zeldman: 20 years of Web Design and Community.

My Design Process

These pages will help you to understand the process of developing a website that can satisfy both your needs and the demands of the technology available to the people that will be viewing your site:

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My Design Portfolio

My Portfolio showcases several of my projects (I've built over a hundred sites and blogs over the years). Newer and recently-revised sites are now mobile-friendly. All my sites are:

  • Hand-coded to load quickly.
  • Standards-compliant to work with all browsers and devices.
  • Built to be accessible to all users.
  • Designed for easy site navigation.
  • Easy to maintain.

Mobile-Friendly a New Standard

The dominance of mobile searches has happened very quickly in the last year. Before that, the majority of searches (and viewing) of sites was from computers.

In April 2015, Google upped the ante by penalizing sites that they consider NOT mobile-friendly. Many sites Google's evaluator deeps unfriendly can still be viewed on mobile devices but that can still affect their ranking on Google searches.

Responsive Web Design enhances the ability for the site to be better viewed in mobile devices without building a separate site and generally builds for mobile-first. It is relatively new and I've begun to design new sites and redesign older sites with this technique.

Keep in mind that not every site is updated frequently and client requirements, intended audiences and budgets for updates vary widely. Retail sites are much more sensitive to this change than many other information sites.

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Contacting Russ

Ready to get started? Contact Russ about developing a custom solution that works for you, your business or organization.

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Updated: May 19, 2015

Custom web design and maintenance services

Getting Started

It is important that we understand the process involved in working together to produce the site that expresses your goals using the appropriate technology that delivers those results.

The following pages will help you to understand the design process better:

  1. My web design philosophy.
  2. Design considerations.
  3. Determining what you want.
  4. Factors that affect pricing.

I suggest that you read them in the order presented.

My portfolio showcases a sampling of my projects (not necessarily my newest work, but a variety).

I've included suggestions on how to convey your ideas in a manner we can both relate to. It is important that we both understand this is a dialogue and that each of us brings something to the conversation.