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Virtual help desk services

What Services Are Available?

Help Desk services are personalized help with computer software and hardware issues, usually by telephone.

Whether it is resolving a problem configuring a document or troubleshooting unusual behaviour, I can usually help.

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See “Preparing for a Service Call” before calling.

Supported Operating Systems

Most of my clients are running Microsoft Windows but I can provide help with Mac, Linux and OS/2 computers.

I can also help with smart phones and tablets. I'm more familiar with iOS but can work with Android or others onsite or if you bring them to me.

Note: Older or obsolete systems and devices tend to take longer to service because they're slower. Support options may be limited.

Business Hours & Rates

See Business Hours & Rates for details about regular hours, billing practices and payment options.

Contact Russ

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Phone Support

Phone support available

Phone support is preferable in many circumstances because you can immediately answer questions to narrow the possible solutions as well as try various tasks in real time.

I can also quickly determine your technical comfort zone and configure my responses accordingly.

Contact me for phone support during regular business hours.

Computer Terminology

You might wish to review Windows Basics and Computer Terminology.

Using proper terms to describe specific tasks and locations on your computer will make the session go much quicker.

Remember, I can't see your computer so I need you to describe what you're seeing accurately to provide you with the quickest and best solution.

Is Your Computer Ready?

You'll need to be ready to make changes to your computer following the instructions I provide over the phone.

  • Your computer should be on having been freshly restarted*.
  • Programs unrelated to the problem should be closed.

*If you're unable to start the computer I'm unlikely to be able to help you over the phone. Call to arrange for either in-shop service or an onsite visit.

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Email Support

Email support available

Email support is preferable where you are at distance or if my work schedule is inconvenient.

Turnaround is usually within one business day, but that can vary depending upon how busy my schedule is.

Preparation Takes Time

It takes time to research a problem and prepare an answer based upon the information you've provided to me in your email.

The more detailed your information, the more likely I can provide a reasonable answer quickly.

If I'm unfamiliar with you and your technical knowledge or your computer and software, I may spend more time providing basic instructions (I cannot assume your knowledge or experience levels).

I may also provide more than one solution if I'm unsure which one will provide the results you're seeking.

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Getting Prepared

Have You Restarted Your Computer?

I can't tell you how often simply restarting your computer resolves the issues you're having.

These quick fixes eliminate the most common issues with starting your computer.

There's also over 50 pages of helpful resources on this site that can help you to resolve many issues yourself.

Gathering Information

Before contacting me, you'll need to gather some information about your computer.

The details needed and how to locate them are contained on my Preparing for a Service Call page.

Don't Assume

I'll need to know as much detail as possible about the problem including

  • all the software that was running when the problem occurred;
  • what hardware is affected; and
  • if the problem is random or occurs every time.

If I am able to duplicate the problem on my equipment it will be easier to fix.

Determining the answer is often a process of elimination.

…[W]hen you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
— Sherlock Holmes
The Blanched Soldier

As we eliminate possibilities, we narrow the investigation until only one possibility is left.

Details Ready?
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Updated: December 24, 2016