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Why OS/2?

In 2003 Isaac Leung asked, If I were starting all over again today, would I still choose OS/2?

This is a good question, particularly if you assume, like many, that OS/2 is dead.

Unlike Windows at the time, OS/2 was extremely stable and significant numbers continued to use it where reliability was more important than flash.

Running Unnoticed for 10 Years

I received a call for help from a manufacturing company when they discovered that a OS/2-based communications computer failed after running for over 10 years without needing servicing (or even being noticed).

I couldn't imagine Windows running for 10 months without problems for the IT staff, never mind 10 years!

OS/2 Turns 25

OS/2 turned 25 in 2012. It failed to gain dominance, not because it was inferior, but because it was ahead of its time. It contained features that were years ahead of software pending at the time (DOS was the primary operating system). Yet, OS/2 continues to be used in places you'd never suspect.

OS/2 Discontinued by IBM

Effectively IBM had stopped selling and supporting OS/2. End of Standard Support for OS/2 Warp was December 31, 2006.

The combined sophistication of this software and its typical user created unheard-of loyalty to a product that had been removed from production.

The Open Source Petition Letter to IBM

OS/2 users twice petitioned IBM to release OS/2 into Open Source. They hoped to renew OS/2 in same way that Netscape's Mozilla paved the way for the Firefox and Thunderbird programs to gain such wide acceptance. It was not to be.

eComStation— A Viable Upgrade Path

eComStation is a viable upgrade path for those wishing to continue to use OS/2-based applications and can be installed on current hardware. Newer versions of eCS will provide even better support for the types of hardware available today.

Move to eComStation Recommended

I'd recommend eComStation as a more practical method of updating and maintaining your OS/2 platform.

If you continue to run OS/2 Warp 3 or 4 (or earlier), you may find the Archived Resources on this site useful.

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