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Archived OS/2 Index

The following pages on this OS/2 resources site contains information retained as an archive for those still running older versions of OS/2.

Installing OS/2

Configuring OS/2



ServicePaks and FixPaks

The navigation menu to the right (at bottom on small devices) refers to this page for listings of archived OS/2 pages.

There is also a listing on the OS/2 home page.

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Deleted/Combined Pages

Many of the OS/2 resources have disappeared after IBM discontinued support for OS/2 and some of the pages in this section of the site began to look rather sparse.

To manage this loss of resourcs, some pages have been removed from the site, with their content combined onto the remaining pages (many of which are now archived).

Combined with Obtaining Help with OS/2

  • OS/2 User Groups and OS/2 Conferences (groups.html).
  • Warped Reading and Information (reading.html).

Combined with OS/2 Software

  • Buying OS/2 Software On-line (vendors.html).
  • OS/2 Java Resources (java.html).
  • OS/2 Netscape, Other Browsers & Add-ons (netscape.html).
  • OS/2 Shareware & Freeware Download Sites (download.html).
  • The OS/2 Projects Page (projects.html).

Combined with OS/2 Hardware

  • Getting Your Sound Card to Work under OS/2 (soundfix.html).

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About this Archive

When this site was being developed, regular fixpaks and driver updates were being released by IBM which were freely available for OS/2 Warp 3 and 4. Free support ended January 1, 2001 for OS/2 Warp 4.

IBM removed many valuable resources including the IBM Device Driver Pak On-line (an updated listing of the drivers that came with OS/2 Warp) and more.

In fact, it is very hard to find anything related to OS/2 on IBM's site these days.

No Longer Maintained

Many of the pages linked here are quite dated and not regularly maintained. Some links may no longer work.

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Related Resources

Related resources on this site:

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