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Computer & Internet Security

Phone calls from a “technical support” person saying that you have a problem with your computer are all SCAMS. Just hang up. Details here…

Security Basics

Securing Your System

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Microsoft Windows

Windows Basics

Current (Supported) Versions

Pending Versions

Windows Resources

Working with Legacy (Older) Versions

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Other Operating Systems

The following pages on this site deal with alternatives to Windows:

Running Multiple Operating Systems (Advanced)

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Software & Hardware

General Concepts & Terminology

My Software Recommendations


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Internet Issues

The following pages on this site deal with issues of using the Internet and Internet software:

General Connection Issues

Email Issues

Web Browser Issues

Privacy & Security

See Software & Hardware for downloads of Internet software.

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Website Design

The following pages on this site deal with website design:

Building a Website

Design Issues

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Updated: July 2, 2015

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