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Writing and editing services

Writing & Editing

Russ can assist you in preparing written materials and content for publication or web promotion.

Services include:

While I generally don't work with books or projects requiring extensive editing, I may be able to direct you to other professionals with those skill sets.


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Electronic Publishing

Russ can transform documents, reports, and other publications into an optimized PDF to make them easier to share with others or help you to set up your office with the software to enable you to do the same.

PDF format embeds the fonts and layout into the document and doesn't require the reader to have specialized software.

Easy Updates

PDF documents are a great solution for replacing frequently changing website content like newsletters and pricing sheets.

By using generic file names you can overwrite earlier versions of PDFs with updated documents containing current information.

Alternatively, you can maintain a series of publications such as monthly or quarterly newsletters, but that requires more skills with managing either your website or blog.

PDF Software Not Required

Current web browsers will display PDFs and most now support advanced features such as fillable forms or internal navigation.

PDFs are ideal for documents such as application forms that need to be filled out then printed.

Professional PDF Software

While recent versions of most word processors can produce PDFs, they tend to be larger because the compression isn't as effective as dedicated PDF software.

It is also important to know other basic steps that can reduce the size of PDF documents.


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Professional Writer

Russ is a professional writer. Genres include non-fiction, short fiction and poetry as well as extensive experience writing effective content for the Web.

He was recognized as a Professional Member of the Canadian Authors Association but no longer maintains membership.

He also has an extensive knowledge of web design and blogging developed over the last 30 years.

Writing Community

Russ maintains Resources for Victoria Writers as well as contacts within the writing and editing community.


Each project has its own needs and complexities.

Pricing is dependent upon how complex the project is to complete, how much finished material is provided by you and similar factors.

In the preliminary meeting we can discuss these factors and determine the price for the work to be completed.


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Updated: January 10, 2024