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On-site & In-shop Services

In-person restrictions are in place for my safety. More…

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Onsite and in-shop services are available by appointment only.

By Appointment Only

On-site and in-shop services are by appointment only. I'll return client calls if I'm unavailable during regular business hours.

In-Person Services Restricted

In-person services are restricted because prolonged close contact is unsafe for me (more…). When meeting indoors or in close proximity, I require:


Call to book an appointment!


These services are only offered in Greater Victoria, British Columbia. Some services are available at distance via email, telephone and virtual meeting software during regular business hours.

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On-site Services

On-site services include in-store/in-home/in-office services:

Call to discuss your servicing requirements. I'm in Oak Bay so anywhere outside of the core municipalities may be subject to travel charges.

On-site service appointments are generally scheduled for Thursday afternoons but other days are available by appointment.


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In-shop Services

In-shop service is recommended for system rebuilds, backup services and similar time-intensive projects.

In-Shop Drop-off Services Only

In-shop services are limited to drop-off & pickup for the servicing of computers only.

In-shop services are by appointment only. Please call to arrange a suitable drop-off time or to make other arrangements.


Call to book an appointment!


In-Person Services Restricted

While I've restored most in-person services, I require both of us to wear masks when meeting indoors or in close proximity because I remain more vulnerable to COVID-19.

If these restrictions are a problem for you, I will work with you to provide support while keeping us both safe:


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Updated: May 17, 2024