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About This Site

This site is owned and maintained by Russ Harvey.

It consists of a curated collection of informational pages written and edited by Russ Harvey, backed by external references (links).

  • Pages are created, modified and deleted based upon my goals.
  • Content is updated as needed and as time permits.
  • External links are intended to enhance MY content.
  • Content is aimed at Canadian audiences.
  • Links may be edited or removed without notice.
  • My decision is final.

This site is NOT a blog. No third-party content is accepted.

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Submitting Link Suggestions

You can submit link suggestions. However, please review these guidelines to determine if your request is reasonable according to my requirements and standards.

I respond to link requests only if I require more information.

Link Suggestions Must Be Relevant

Link suggestions must be relevant to the specific page's subject content and intended audience. View the existing content on this site to determine if your suggested resource fits in.

Self-help Pages

The Self-help Resources contains documentation, troubleshooting hints, advice and suggestions supported by relevant external links on a variety of operating systems, hardware and services.

Personal Pages

Russ Harvey's Site includes information about my interests in health & medical, organ donation & transplantation and writing unrelated to my consulting services.

Submitting a Link Suggestion

If you believe your page truly compliments information on this site and is not deemed ineligible, you may submit it for consideration.

  • Links will be added at my discretion and as time permits.
  • Descriptions may be edited for content and length.
  • Links may be removed without notice.

My decision is final (there are no other decision-makers).


The content of your submission must comply with the following requirements:

  • Your site must be relevant to this site's content.
  • Links must be relevant to Canadian viewers.
  • Localized community content must be relevant to those in Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Links must not be time-sensitive (only static links are added).
  • I do not entertain “link exchanges.”
  • I do not invite “guest posts” (this is NOT a blog).

There are other reasons your site may not be included. My decision is final.

Don't Spam Me

If you ask me to unsubscribe if I don't want further contact, your email is marked as spam (illegal in Canada) and is immediately deleted.

Valid Submissions

Valid submissions can be submitted via email to with the following information:

  • Your name and email.
  • The website address you are submitting.
  • A short description of your site.
  • Why you think it is relevant to my site.

I Rarely Respond

I rarely respond to link requests unless I require additional information. Please do not waste my time with “follow-up” emails.

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Linking Policies

My Decisions are Final

  • Links are at my discretion.
  • They may be removed without notice.
  • There is no other decision maker.

A Canadian Site

This site is aimed at Canadian visitors.

  • I use Canadian English (except for quoted content).
  • Sites must be relevant for Canadian audiences.

Ineligible Categories

Not all sites are eligible for linking. The following are some examples.

No Third-party Content

I do not accept any third-party content, including:

  • advertising;
  • sponsored links; or
  • “guest” posts

No Professional Services

I don't link to sites offering services that compete with Russ Harvey Consulting. Exceptions are rare.

Sponsored Sites Unwelcome

Sites I consider a conflict of interest will not be added, including:

  • industry-sponsored “consumer information” sites;
  • “infomercials” by legal firms or those with similar agendas; and
  • vanity presses.

No Information Portals

Some consumer “information portals” are now owned by corporations, legal firms or advertisers.

I don't link to sites where the sponsors may influence the site content to promote their products or services rather than honest third-party reviews.

Canadian Laws and Medical Systems Different

International sites may contain content unsuitable for Canadians.

Canadian medical and legal systems differ significantly from those in the United States and elsewhere.

While I may link to non-Canadian sites with general information useful to Canadians, I am unlikely to link to a site that solicits legal clients or provides advice contrary to Canadian law.

SEO Submissions Unwelcome

Rarely do your SEO-enhancing requests fit my site goals.

I suggest you try social media.

Unrelated Content

If the suggested content is unrelated to your site's purpose, my assumption is that content is there for SEO purposes.

Too many use such postings to draw links to their site, then redirect content to their home page once enough external links are established.

Similarly, if I see a link redirected to another unrelated site, I will delete the link.

Consulting Services Pages

The Russ Harvey Consulting Computer & Internet Services site contains the pages that detail services provided by Russ Harvey Consulting.

I do not welcome link suggestions of any kind in that section.

External Links

External links open in a new browser tab or window.

Dead links are updated or removed without notice.

Learning More

See Links To Other Sites on my Conditions of Use page.


Linking to this Site

If you find a page on this site worth linking to, please do so.

Most pages enable you to link directly to the relevant sections within a page.

Content Protected by Copyright

The information on this site, including all images and text are protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

You may NOT copy information for use on your site.

Use of any material elsewhere requires express written permission and is seldom provided.

Short Quotations Permitted

Short quotations clearly attributed to me and including a link back to the specific page containing the content are permitted.

Do Not Link to Images, PDFs

You may NOT use nor directly link to the images, PDFs, etc. hosted on this site.

Instead, link to the page or specific section of a page that references them.

Third-party Content

I cannot provide permission to use external resources that I've either quoted or obtained permission to use.

You must obtain the owner's permission directly.

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Updated: March 1, 2023