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Factors Affecting Price

Developing your budget

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Factors that affect the cost of a website or blog.

Questions About Pricing?

Assuming you've read through the other web design pages and are familiar with my philosophy and approach to design, your next questions are about how much a site will cost to design.

Each Site Unique

Each site design is unique. I don't sell “cookie-cutter” sites.

Your requirements and site complexities can affect my recommendations about design as well as the cost.

Based upon the information you provide, I will establish a price to create an original design based on your specifications.

Initial Design a Big Factor

Since I don't use cookie-cutter templates, most of the work (and cost) to build a site is in the initial design.

Companies that provide theme-based ready-to-go sites generally charge a perpetual monthly fee for the design and limit the customizations that are possible. You never finish paying for your site.

It is easier to change something early in the design process than when the site is nearer to completion.

It is also important to consider what future expansion may be needed within the original design to avoid going back to the design board when your business or organization grows.

Keep this in mind as you set out your requirements. Remember, this process is a dialogue.

We both want to develop something that incorporates your requirements, remains within your budget and uses the appropriate technology to make it suitable for your target market.

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Pricing Factors

Each project has its own needs and complexities.

Pricing is dependent upon how complex the project is to complete, how much finished material you can provide and similar factors.

Preliminary Discussion

In the preliminary meeting we can determine the work to be done and begin to work on an estimated cost.

These are some of the factors that generally determine the base cost of designing a site:

The more you can tell me about your requirements, budget and available resources, the easier it is to provide an accurate quote.


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Other Factors

Changes or additions to the original site design will result in additional costs above the quoted price.

The cost for extras depends upon the nature of the work entailed and will be charged at an hourly rate.

I don't charge like the big design companies.

However, I am a professional with extensive experience, not an amateur. I price my design work accordingly.

A service contract is recommended if you anticipate regular changes.

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Updated: January 10, 2024