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Virtual help desk services

What Services Are Available?

Help Desk services are personalized help with computer software and hardware issues, usually by telephone.

Whether it is resolving a problem configuring a document or troubleshooting unusual behaviour, I can usually help.

Supported Operating Systems

Most of my clients are running Microsoft Windows but I can provide help with Mac and Linux computers.

Dealing with network issues including wireless connections generally requires on-site service.

I can also help with smart phones and tablets. I'm more familiar with Apple's iOS but can work with Android or other smart devices on-site or if you bring them to me.

While I can work with and help you upgrade older (legacy) computers, purchasing new hardware may be more economical.

I can transfer your programs and data to the new system, advising you about software which needs to be upgraded or replaced. In most cases this is more economical when performed in-shop.

Booking an Appointment

Call to book an appointment during regular business hours.


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Phone Support

Phone support is preferable in many circumstances because you can get immediate answers to you questions.

However, some time might be required for me to do further research before returning your call.

The Right Solution Depends Upon You

Remember, I can't see your computer so I need you to describe what you're seeing accurately.

If we determine that phone support cannot resolve your issues, an on-site visit may be required.

What About Remote Access?

Many companies offer to remotely repair your computer.

Not only does that leave your computer vulnerable, but the necessary settings leave you more susceptible to being hacked or scammed.

Getting Ready for the Call

You'll need to be ready to make changes to your computer following the instructions I provide over the phone.

Have You Collected Necessary Information?

Before calling me, review “Preparing for a Service Call.” and Getting Prepared.

Contact me for phone support during regular business hours.


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Email Support

Email support is preferable where you are located outside of Greater Victoria or if my business hours are inconvenient.

Turnaround is usually within one business day.

Preparation Takes Time

It takes time to research a problem and prepare an answer based upon the information you've provided to me in your email.

Describe the Issue

You need to describe the issue you're having accurately. Make a note of any error messages or other indications of what the problem is, including what you were doing when the problem occurred.

The more detailed your information, the more likely I can provide a reasonable answer quickly.

A screen capture of the issue or error messages is very useful.

How Technical Are You?

If I'm unfamiliar with you and your technical knowledge or your computer and software, I may spend more time providing basic instructions (I cannot assume your knowledge or experience levels).

I may also provide more than one solution if I'm unsure which one will provide the results you're seeking.

Not in Victoria?

Clients living outside of Greater Victoria, please see the pre-pay requirement for NEW distance clients.


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Onsite Services

If email or phone support cannot resolve your issue, an on-site visit may be required.

While phone or email support may be quicker, sometimes the issue cannot be resolved by either method. In many cases it has more to do with knowing what to look for. Once diagnosed, I can usually fix the issue.

When I'm on site I have much more information available to me and can often quickly diagnose a problem and provide a solution because of my familiarity with computers and operating systems.

However, I cannot bring have all my tools and resources and may not foresee the necessity for specific resources. I may need to take the computer back with me and repair it in-shop.

Booking an Appointment

Call to book an appointment during regular business hours.


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Getting Prepared

I can't see your computer so I need you to accurately describe what you're seeing.

Computer Terminology

Using proper terms to describe specific tasks and locations on your computer will make the session go much quicker.

Using the right terminology to describe the problem is helpful. You might wish to review the basics:

Have You Restarted Your Computer?

Simply restarting your computer resolves many issues.

These quick fixes eliminate the most common issues with starting your computer.

What if Your Computer Still Won't Start?

If you're unable to start your computer, I probably can't help you over the phone.

Gathering Information

Before contacting me, you'll need to gather some information about your computer.

Preparing for a Service Call walks you through the process including how to locate any necessary details.

Don't Assume

I'll need to know as much detail as possible about the problem including

If I am able to duplicate the problem on my equipment it will be easier to fix.

Narrowing the Possibilities

Determining the answer is often a process of elimination.

If we can narrow down the possible reasons for your problem, fixing your issues is much easier.


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Updated: May 17, 2024